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the smart pick & place robot

Simply plug it in, turn it on and get started: the new ENGEL e-pic Z offers a cost-effective and energy efficient introduction to automation. It ensures a fast, safe and simple manipulation of the parts and, together with the short intervention times, a trouble-free production process is guaranteed. The added bonus: thanks to its newly developed kinematics, the e-pic Z is highly compact and can be integrated into the injection moulding machine without taking up much space.


  • universally applicable – flexible pick & place robot in fits all machines up to 220 tons
  • compact design – can be fully integrated into the ENGEL injection moulding machine – no control cabinet necessary
  • optimum efficiency – economic entry-level model with low acquisition costs and minimal operating costs
  • short cycle times – high performance thanks to weight-optimised design and new kinematics
  • user-friendly operation – easy & safe operation thanks to data synchronisation of the RC16 with the IMM (CC300) – no programming skills required
  • complete standard equipment package – C-axis, 2 pneumatic lines and 2 lines that can be switched from vacuum to compressed air, 8 additional customisable I/O ports