• DUO Silný vstrekolis pre veľké výlisky

  • VICTORY Bezstĺpový stroj pre efektívnu výrobu technických výliskov

  • E-MOTION Plne elektický vstrekovací stroj pre špičkové použitie

  • INSERT Vertikálny vstrekovací stroj pre perfektne obstrekované vkladané diely

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ENGEL is one of the leading companies in mechanical engineering for plastic industry. At present, ENGELgroup offers all technological modules for transforming plastic by injection molding; injection molding machines for thermoplastics and elastomers, process, projections of moulds, automation, service and training. With 8 production plants in Europe, United States and Asia (Corea, China), as well as delegations and representatives in 85 countries, ENGEL offers its customers optimum support worldwide leaving them competitive and succeeding in new technologies and modern installations of production.

The leading position of ENGEL is based on two pillars. On one hand, the High Tech business with continuous process of developing new technologies, and on the other hand, the large production of series, which allow financing the cost incentive developments. The prerequisite for the competitiveness is the automated production, which allows an optimum adaptation of the production installations to its needs of the moment.

For more information visit www.engelglobal.com





Innovating products and profitable production thanks to combination of materials





Decorative pieces with high quality scratch- proof surfaces and 3D effect




Surfaces finished with injection at low pressure for joining textile structures with processed plastic pieces




 Technological solutions of injection for Soft-Touch surfaces in interior of vehicles




Plastic with long fibres for the production of strong pieces for automotive industry



victory 200 combi - with two injection groups

victory 200 combi

e-motion 180T - injection molding machine completely electrical

e-motion 180T


duo 500 pico - injection molding machine with two plates and with robot viper

duo 500 pico